Promenade all tube phono amplifier MM/MC

Please see glowing review in "The Absolute Sound Magazine by Dick Olsher, senior editor"

Phono Instructions

I have been working on this phono amp design for over ten years. Please check date on any reviews you may read. I have made the circuit without a circuit board, with a circuit biard, non regulated, and regulated power supply. R-core and Torrid transformers. Solid state and tube rectification. My test board looks like Swiss Cheese with all the holes that have been cut throughout this process. My customers have been asking for a tube rectifier version but what they don't understand are the amount of work it takes to multifly .3mv intgo a usable signal. In my opinion a phono stage is about the toughtest tube amplifier to get quiet and still sound good. This is why you do not find may all tube phono amplifiers for sale. They must multiply the signal 1000 times and still be quiet. Designers usually use solid state components for the additional amplification needed dfor MC. Many just use a solid state amp for everything and then color it with a tube buffer to make things quiet. My amp uses no solid state parts in the amplification circuit and has no hum at all.

OK, so how do you make it quiet with an all tube circuit? The power supply is the answer. It must be dead quiet and well regulated. Grounding is an art in itself and must be perfect to be quiet. I know that everyone promotes the use of a no feedback design. I have made and listened to many different designs using no feedback. They all had one thing in common. They sounded bloated and lifeless. My unit has two feedback circuits. An RIAA feedback unit is employed to eliminate snaps and pops from your older vinyl. Feedback has been used since early radio and is very effective at eliminating distortion. My units have a you are there kind of sound. Not the typical bloated record sound. It is guarenteed to bring a tingle down your back experience.

The new Promenade is guarnteed to be the best phono you have heard at a cut the middle man out kind of price. Every effort has been made to use the best parts in all positions. PRP resistors, Nichicon audiophile capacitors, Sonicap film capacitors, gold tube sockets, matched svetlana tubes, audiophile signal wire, silver solder, oversize transformer and many more. Look inside other phono amps and you will see what they used. You will usually find standard parts at twice the price.