Teflon RCA

For years I have wanted to get the Brass out of my cables. Brass is a terrible conductor and adds a real dullness to the sound. Silver is the best conductor followed by Copper and then Gold. Brass is way further down the list. The reason that RCA connectors are made of Brass is ease of manufacture as well as malleability. Conductive ability is not on the list of positives for this type of construction. ALL Rca connectors are made of brass and then coated with Silver, Gold, or some exotic metal to make you think it is a great conductor. The truth is that it is just Brass that has been coated, no matter what they advertise, Straight Copper, Silver, etc., would be far too soft and not hold it's shape. Finally, I have designed what I feel is the finest connector on the market.. PERIOD. It uses a solid, pure Teflon base that has been machined to accept a center pin and ground conductor. Teflon is one of the most inert substances on the planet. The Teflon plug surrounds the RCA connections on your equipment as well as the cable wires to insure a quiet, interference free sound. Getting rid of the Brass allows the use of super conductor metals which insure the pristine delivery of your sonic pleasures. Why make a cable that is painstakingly designed to deliver all information and then plug up both ends with a poor conducting Brass connectors? Why use 99.999% purity wires and then use Brass in the circuit? Brass is really just copper with impurities in it. There is more to a good cable than the metallurgy of the wire. This design features a Silver,  center pin and a thin Silver return line to insure a minimal contact point. Silver has a sound of great detail, air and space. The thing that really impressed me the first time that I heard this design was the spaciousness and unbelievable detail.  Next I noticed the black background. A product of the solid Teflon plug. These plugs sound as good or better than the WBT NextGen's which sell for more than $35 EACH. These plugs blow away and are more reliable than the Eichman Bullet. These plugs sound better than any Brass plug made! No one else has them. Wire is NOT included. Picture is of a cable with ends installed for reference only.     

         Solid Teflon Plug Silver $65/four

        Add to any cable order as an upgrade or purchase outright.


Silver Rca Set  

Don't believe me? Read this from a fellow cable maker

Dear Tom,
BlueshineCables is our newly started company manufacturing high-end audio cables, and we stumbled upon your connectors in our search for the right RCA plugs.
(Some days later) we tested them against the WBTs silver flagship on identical wires, and the difference was very audible indeed - we had to double check it really was the same wire(!).
Hope to hear from you soon, as I really think we can make this beneficial for both of us once we get this settled.

Best regards,

Lars Gammeltoft

Pejseforum A/S
Aaboulevard 54
DK 2200, Copenhagen N


Instructions for Teflon Connector


Strip insulation off of wires as shown.             

Solder positive lead to tube, inside if possible. 

Cut lengthwise and push clear tube over outside of positive pin.  

Install negative lead to Teflon Plug. Solder.     

Install heat shrink to hold everything              

Shrink outer covering and check all connections.


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