Biased Cable System

Finally a battery powered, biased cable that everyone can afford.

This cable is powered by a 9 volt battery (not included). It powers the shield to battery voltage. The battery will last up to seven years. The shield has a series of filters built in that will eliminate 99% of all EMI. (Electro Magnetic Interference) The EMI is automatically sent to ground. This results is a silky black background which is rarely heard in other cable designs. You will be amazed by how much noise is in the air. By eliminating the interference, you will hear things in your recordings that have never been obvious before. Another product of a biased cable is a gigantic soundstage. Most people who hear it for the first time say they begin to listen to the total music and stop analyzing individual elements. It just sounds like natural music.

Many audiophiles are of the mistaken opinion that biased cables alter the signal. Nothing could be further from the truth. Making sure the signal carrying wires are shielded against outside interference guarantees that only a pristine signal arrives. The original signal is super protected because only the shield has a positive charge applied. Instead of blocking interference like a normal cable, a biased cable shield attracts interference and then dumps it to ground.

I have made biased cables for over ten years and feel like I have finally found an inexpensive method to provide a quality cable at a good price. Ease of use was another consideration in implementing this design. Only one set of wires connect the cable to the power supply. You can connect the cables to your system first and then attach to the power supply box via mini phono plugs. Nothing could be easier. Batteries (batteries not included) last up to seven years so there is no more maintenance than a regular cable. The resulting clarity and gigantic soundstage must be heard to be believed.

Construction details include Neutrik connectors, Silver solder, and solid core conductors. The battery and filter circuit are contained in a small box. All of this adds up to a new experience in listening. One that you will never want to give up. I know all of the cable companies claim to have made one sort of breakthrough or another. Usually their advertisements use all sorts of unintelligible words and descriptions to make you think they have discovered something new. Usually the same old technology is repackaged and resold as new. This is not the case with a biased cable. I am so sure that you will love this cable that I am offering a 60 day, no questions asked return policy on this item. I am that sure.