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The name Aural Thrills comes from my time in college studying music. The ear training course was called Aural Skills and being college students we eventually changed it to Aural Thrills. While trying to invent a name for my company I finally decided that there was no better name to describe the products that I intended to make. Products that will send a shiver down your back at a realistic price. Quality products at internet prices!

I went from music school to New York City to hit the big time. Being a jazz trumpet and piano player I had the thrill of playing in the same clubs that all of the immortal jazz greats played in. I played at Jimmy Ryan's and other clubs on 52nd street and had the opportunity to play with many great musicians such as Roy Eldridge and many more. All I did was listen to, and play music, for twenty four hours a day. These were fun times.

I have developed these products over the last fifteen years. I began by making cables, isolation platforms, and various other products for my own audiophile music system. Soon my friends were asking me to make some for them. As I tinkered more and more I was amazed at the improvements I could make. I began to search the world for wire, solder, connectors, and spent countless hours listening to the differences between them. Two to three hours a day is my normal listening routine. I am a sound junkie.

I realize that many audio companies on the internet try to impress you with meaningless stats and techno-talk. I also realize that most good products are simple designs which use quality parts. Instead of boring you with skin effects and impedance talk, I will, to the best of my ability, try to explain the sonic benefits and sound qualities of each product. Additionally, many of our products carry a thirty day trial period. If you are not satisfied, just send it back in original new condition with original packing and a refund will be issued promptly. Please see our policies for complete details.

Lastly I want to say that all of our products have a unique sound. I have learned over the years that in order to achieve the perfect sound, each component must add the correct harmonic ingredient. By this I mean that if your system is very laid back, with little air and space, you would want to choose silver power cord because this has the detail and transient attack that would liven up an otherwise boring system. On the other hand, if your current systems sound was bright, without much bass, you would want to use a copper power cord which would offer lower end and a bigger sound. This is why there is no one product that is perfect for every system. You must consider what the sonic signature of a product is, and integrate it properly into your system to get the desired results. I think that this is the fun part! If you have any questions about the suitability of one of my products please email me with your particulars for a recommendation.

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