Air Rca with exclusive Teflon Connectors

How can I beat the big companies? I take the time to do the little things that make a big difference.  First, all wire is chemically cleaned and preserved for the ultimate conductivity. I then wrap the 99.99% pure wire  around a tubular Kynar base. Some say that Kynar is like no dielectric at all. The return line is wrapp0ed around the base on the opposite side forming a  double helix configuration. In order to hold the wires in place, a Kynar heat shrink is installed. The two wires never touch.  This creates a cable which is remarkably transparent and detailed.  A nylon braid is slipped over the entire assembly which looks good and adds another  layer of protection. Finally, I install my hand made, solid Teflon, RCA connectors. These are some of the best connectors that I have ever heard. Getting rid of the brass makes an unbelievable difference. Why use 99.999% pure wire and then feed the signal through Brass? Brass, after all, is just Copper with impurities.  Many companies claim their connectors are made of Copper. This is not true. Copper is too soft to be used alone. ALL CAST connectors are made of Brass no matter what they are coated with and no matter what they are called. Copper-based is just another word for Brass. Oxygen free Copper is mixed with Zinc and Tin to create... Brass. The results of all this work is an unbelievable soundstage with detail and lifelike imaging which you will have to hear for yourself.

The care that goes into making a pair of these is evident in the details and quality of materials being used. we have isolated every sound quality by many, many, hours of critical listening. From the solder, to the RCA connectors, to the wire being used, we know exactly what each element brings to the sonic table. It is by careful mixing of each harmonic ingredient that Aural Thrills Audio has arrived at this design. Please do not compare these cables to the Chinese or cheap cables widely available. These are a true audiophile design and you will hear the difference.

Just a word about Aural Thrills Audio.  We are a personal, upscale, company that builds and tests  custom cables one at a time. We run only one company, 24/7 and strive for your complete satisfaction. Please check out our 100% positive feedback. The goal is to be the best high end, custom cable company by designing and producing innovative products to order.  Our audiophile grade of  wire is made exclusively for us and is created using base metals of 4 nines or better. The innovative engineering and designs make us a leader of high tech cables.  In closing we want to thank all of our present customers and look forward to making many new ones.




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