Silver Tone Arm Cable

This cable is made for tables that have a five pin connector at the tone arm. It features a Cardas five pin connector which is among the finest that you can buy. The internal wiring is composed of four strands of solid 99.999% Silver wire utilizing a virgin Teflon dielectric. This pure Silver wire conveys all the detail that your cartridge can reveal and provides a smooth, tight bass. The highly conductive properties of Silver are absolutely essential when dealing with such miniscule voltages. A grounded shield is provided for both runs. Right and left channel are separated to insure a pristine signal. Length is four feet long.

Our cable features Aural Thrills Audio exclusive solid Teflon Rca connectors with Silver conductors. Most connectors are made of Brass. Brass is not a good conductor. After all, it is just Copper with many impurities, namely ZINC.  Our connectors feature a Silver center pin and a pure Silver return strip. NO BRASS. These connectors compare to the $80/ea. WBT Nextgen's. The result is a cleaner, more lively sound.

Compare this cable to any out there and you will find that it is a great deal.  Please see complete details at policies. Please remember that due to the very small voltage levels, this cable takes an especially long time to burn in.

Only $499.99

Rca Tone Arm Cable 1M

This cable is made for turntables that use a regular Rca out. The other end is connected to your pre amp. It has the same construction as above, but uses Rca connectors on each end. The wire is solid Silver in a Teflon tube. They are woven into a braid to help reject RFI/EMI pollution. A grounded braid is installed over the wire and finally my exclusive Silver Teflon Connectors are added to each end. I can include a ground wire if needed. This is the last tone arm cable you will ever need.

Only $299.99



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