Introducing the blackest black you have ever heard. A background of black velvet clarity. A soundstage of gigantic reality. Introducing the Aural Thrills Audio Active power cord. A new way to eliminate RFI/EMI grunge from your world. Regular power cords try to block unwanted pollution by surrounding the conductors with multiple layers of shields. This works, to a point. It also adds the dullness and closed in sound which shields always bring. Suppose we used only one light covering and gave the covering a positive charge of electricity. Instead of blocking pollution, we are now actively attracting it and then immediately disposing of it. You will hear the difference.

The conductors are three lengths of 10AWG Silver clad Copper, Teflon insulated wire. The Silver adds great detail.  The Teflon adds a tight, controlled sound since it does not store and then release energy. The ends are Cryo'd Wattgates, the industry standard. They fit well and sound great. The box contains a 9v battery and the power/filtering circuit. It is connected to the cable by a small wire. That's it. The 9v battery will last two years or more.

Now to the sound of an active/biased cable. They always produce a gigantic, realistic, soundstage. Nothing else like it. Performers come out of your speakers and magically appear if front of you. If this is the what you are looking for please give this cord a try. These cables make the most difference in power and pre amps. If you have never tried a premium power cord you are in for a big surprise.



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