Self Powered Biased Cable

After two years of development, Aural Thrills Audio is excited to introduce our active cable system. This revolutionary technology expands the possibilities of any system. Unlike common cables, BCS allows the interconnect to act like a balanced (XLR) cable. Purity, huge dimension, and great detail are the hallmarks of this design. This auction is a limited time introductory offer so bid now. Here is how BCS works. The signal lines are connected to the shield by a pair of specifically manufactured resistors. What is created is a pseudo balanced interconnect, as the shield is effectively neutral relative to both conductors. Relative to the equipment ground, the shield sees half the signal voltage swing. Einstein would ask, what if the wires do not know that ground is ground? The results are stunning! This creates a true actively shielded cable just like Synergistic Reasearch or Audioquest. The sound is holographic with the speakers disappearing and a gigantic soundstage is created. Only an active cable can do this.   We need to talk about the importance of a good connector. Large chunks of shiny metal are like a roadblocks to your precious signal. We use world famous, Swiss Neutrick connectors. These are a low mass design which may not look impressive but they deliver the sonic goods in a big way. An upgrade to our exclusive Solid Teflon pure metal connectors is also available at extra cost. ClicK HERE for details. The conductors are a proprietary, high conductivity, ultra pure material. Cable is 1m long.

I am selling these cables at such a low price because I know once you hear a true biased cable, you will be back for more. This cable can be used in the future as a trade in for other products that I make. You will not be disappointed.


Price $199.99

On Sale Now

Only $99.95


Optional Teflon RCA Upgrade. Price is in addition to cable.

To Purchase more than one, click add to cart. Put in the quantity that you want.


For years I have wanted to get the Brass out of my cables. Brass is a terrible conductor and adds a real dullness to the sound. Silver is the best conductor followed by Copper and then Gold. Brass is way further down the list. The reason that RCA connectors are made of Brass is ease of manufacture as well as malleability. Conductive ability is not on the list of positives for this type of construction. ALL Rca connectors are made of brass and then coated with Silver, Gold, or some exotic metal to make you think it is a great conductor. The truth is that it is just Brass that has been coated, no matter what they advertise, Straight Copper, Silver, etc., would be far too soft and not hold it's shape. Finally, I have designed what I feel is the finest connector on the market.. PERIOD. It uses a solid, pure Teflon base that has been machined to accept a center pin and ground conductor. Teflon is one of the most inert substances on the planet. The Teflon plug surrounds the RCA connections on your equipment as well as the cable wires to insure a quiet, interference free sound. Getting rid of the Brass allows the use of super conductor metals which insure the pristine delivery of your sonic pleasures. Why make a cable that is painstakingly designed to deliver all information and then plug up both ends with a poor conducting Brass connectors? Why use 99.999% purity wires and then use Brass in the circuit? Brass is really just copper with impurities in it. There is more to a good cable than the metallurgy of the wire. This design features a Silver, center pin and a thin Silver return line to insure a minimal contact point. Silver has a sound of great detail, air and space. The thing that really impressed me the first time that I heard this design was the spaciousness and unbelievable detail. Next I noticed the black background. A product of the solid Teflon plug. These plugs sound as good or better than the WBT NextGen's which sell for $35 EACH. These plugs blow away and are more reliable than the Eichman Bullet. These plugs sound better than any Brass plug made! No one else has them.

Solid Teflon Plug Silver Normally $90.00/four

Add Silver Teflon Rca Plugs

This is for the upgraded plugs only. Does not include the price of the cable . You must buy the cable above as well.

 $65.00 for upgraded connectors only

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